2600 St. Claude Avenue New Orleans, LA 70117Status: Withdrawn


This 2 and 3-story L- shaped building includes the adjacent 2,900 square foot vacant lot at 2608 St. Claude Avenue and is an ideal candidate for a mixed-use development of retail, office and residential. The building is located on the corner of Franklin Avenue and is 2 blocks from the St. Roch Market and the St. Claude Healing Center Complex.

Catylist ID29972654
Listing typeCommercial
Property subtypeFree-Standing BuildingMixed UseRestaurantStreet RetailVehicle Related
NeighborhoodGreater New Orleans
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Full address2600 St. Claude Avenue New Orleans LA 70117
NeighborhoodGreater New Orleans

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Listing Courtesy Of Talbot Realty
Attachment2600 ST CLAUDE AVENUE BROCHURE 2-19-18

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