$20 / Sq Ft

2606 St. Louis StreetNew Orleans, LA 70119Status: Withdrawn


These spaces are located in a mixed-use development of apartments and retail spaces developed by Green Coast Enterprises, one-block off S. Broad Street and on the Lafitte Greenway. The estimated NNN charges are $3.48 per SF. Hey Café is open in one of the retail spaces.The marketing brochure can be viewed under attachments.

Catylist ID30186895
Listing typeLease
Property subtypeMixed Use, Street Retail, Other
List price$20 / Sq Ft
NeighborhoodGreater New Orleans
Open house details
Full address2606 St. Louis Street New Orleans LA 70119
NeighborhoodGreater New Orleans

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Listing Courtesy Of Talbot Realty
Attachment2606 St Louis St Brochure 1-4-19

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