643 Magazine Street New Orleans, LA 70130Status: Withdrawn


Parking is available nearby at 1 per 1,000 SF ratio with additional parking subject to availability in the new 292 vehicle parking garage at 618 Magazine Street at a monthly unreserved rent of $240.00 per space. The building has a gym, two shared conference rooms on each floor, and a large boardroom available for rent. A marketing brochure with the floor plans can be downloaded under attachments.

Catylist ID30139449
Listing typeLease
Property subtypeOffice Building
NeighborhoodUptown-Garden District
Open house details
Full address643 Magazine Street New Orleans LA 70130
NeighborhoodUptown-Garden District

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Listing Courtesy Of Talbot Realty
Attachment643 Magazine Suite 405 Flyer 3-14-19

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