920 Mason - Dixon Hwy.Cassville, WV 26527Status: Withdrawn


New Construction free standing buildings with a delivery dates of February 2018. New 15 year absolute NNN lease with Dollar General with five - 5 year renewal options. Three new stores are being offered by the same property owner. All locations are being offered at a 7% cap rate. Annual Rents are as follows: - Cassville, WV $112,818.80 per year 9,100 SF - Washington, WV $107,721.60 per year 10,640 SF - Ravenswood, WV $103,666.92 per year 10,640 SF Can be purchased separately.

Catylist ID30189552
Listing typeCommercial
Property subtypeFree-Standing Building
List price$1,612,000
Open house details
Full address920 Mason - Dixon Hwy. Cassville WV 26527
Car storageSurface

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Listing Courtesy Of Talbot Realty
AttachmentWV 3 Dollar General WV Pkg.1.3

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