Highway 90 Berwick, LA 70342Status: ACTIVE


This site is a multi-parcel land site of 650 acres. The property can be purchased as a whole or in parts. We have sold over 20 parcels of different sizes and for residential, industrial and retail uses. The property's zoning ranges from residential to light industry. The Seller will retain all mineral rights and leases. Please call Bobby Talbot at 504-237-1266 for further information or download the property brochure under attachments as it lists the different parcels for sale.

Catylist ID1941643
Listing typeCommercial
Property subtypeAgriculturalHospitalityIndustrialMulti-FamilyOfficeResidential (Single Family)RetailRetail-PadSelf StorageVacation/ResortGeneral
List price$4,900,000
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Full addressHighway 90 Berwick LA 70342
ParishSaint Mary

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Listing Courtesy Of Talbot Realty
AttachmentBerwick BROCHURE 3-14-23